Fitted kitchen design and installation across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire

Burford Kitchens

Simple Shaker doors in a variety of matt, gloss or wood grain finishes.

This versatile shaker door is offered in a variety of matt, gloss and wood grain finishes including white, cream, flint grey, grey and light oak. Matching joinery doors and mouldings are available in a Burford style to complete the look.

Burford Cream Kitchen

Burford Cream

Burford Gloss Cream Kitchen

Burford Gloss Cream

Burford Gloss Flint Grey Kitchen

Burford Gloss Flint Grey

Burford Gloss White Kitchen

Burford Gloss White

Burford Grey Kitchen

Burford Grey

Burford Light Oak Kitchen

Burford Light Oak

Burford White Kitchen

Burford White